Sunday, 1 March 2009

Menu or "à la carte" ? Your choice ...

We all know that we can classify restaurants by restaurants where you can eat what you can order from their menu (menu restaurants) or restaurants which offers you to eat what you can think of ... or as we say: "à la carte" restaurant.

So if we could choose between those two offers I am sure, that we all would choose "à la carte" restaurant. Why ? ... because we all like to eat what we like and if there is no posibility to order from menu what we like to eat (like in menu restaurant), we are not satisfied or maybe even hungry. So when we go to menu restaurant we always risk that we will not be satisfied or even that we will left the restorant hungry ...

As a real estate agent I think that real estate investings are quite like restaurants, which can please you or let you hungry ... It depends what kind of investment you will choose.

As you all would agreed with me, that real estate investing is quite profitable, but also risky business, it depends of experience, consultants, knowledge, areas, etc... So when you start thinking of real estate investing, you have two options. The first one is more known and it goes something like that:
- consult about the area and property you want to buy,
- make a initial plan what to do there,
- convince the bank to borrow the money to you or risk your own money,
- buy the property,
- arange all about the building plans,
- build on your own or hire contractors,
- when finished - sell what you bulidet,
- return the loan to the bank,
and in the midle of the time there can go something wrong, like haveing the problems before construction begins, haveing the problems with the local authorities, haveing the problems with builders or haveing the problems with the operations of the Bank ...

So who would like to risk that much and maybe left hungry ?

The second option is smarter and less known option and it is called "à la carte investing" .

What is "à la carte investing" ?

"à la carte investing" is real estate investing for those who would like to invest their money in real estates but they also want to have more controle ower their money as in real estate funds. Whith "à la carte investing", you can save all the risks you would be exposed by regular real estate investing, but you also have a control over the area or type of property you want to invest etc.
Your only work is to pick up "à la carte investing" company (we can also interduce you to them, just contact us on ), which you would like to do with, then choose the area or the type of the property you would like to invest in and the investing limit. The rest you left to the "à la carte investing" company which will asure you safe and profitable real estate investing under your conditions.

So it is on you to choose: menu or "à la carte" ?

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