Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Clash of the Titans: Abramovich and Allen’s Megayacht Mashup

The moguls gassed up their megayachts and made their way to the Cannes Film Festival the other day, and though there were no collisions it was a near thing for two of the world’s richest men, Roman Abramovich and Paul Allen. Off the coast of Antibes two of the world’s most impressive yachts passed, well, like ships in the night. Abramovich left the eye-popping Eclipse at home and proceeded to the festivities in the 377 ft. Luna (above), the world’s largest expedition yacht that he purchased last year. A while back he lent it to Madonna while she was filming her new movie.

Them along came the nearly identical-looking Octopus, Allen’s 414-ft. behemoth that once ranked as the world’s largest privately owned yacht. That was of course before the Eclipse was built, but this time at least Allen got the upper hand as the Octopus is a good 37 feet longer than the Luna. It needs it to hold all the billionaire’s toys including two helicopters, seven boats and a 10-man submarine, not to mention a music studio and a basketball court. While it’s not known whether either man was actually on board at the time, they both have multi-million dollar vacation homes in the area.

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By Jared Paul Stern

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