Thursday, 5 February 2009

Credit Crunch ? "... Yes, please ! "

... we all know that, we can´t predict the future, so it is the best thing to let that to astrologists, and we do what we can do the best. Every person knows that every situacion is not so critical that it could not be wors and that every situation will lass for some time and will come to the end, and it doesn´t matter if this situation is good or bad for us. The same will happen to the "Credit Crunch" everyone is talking about.

I don´t know how, but every peron on this planet is talking about "Credit Crunch" even if that person doesn´t feel the diference beetwin the time before "Credit Crunch" and the time in the "Credit Crunch". The word "Credit Crunch" will almost become as popular as the word Coca cola, Nike or Youtube ...
So we have to ask ourselves, if there is truthly big problem about that "Credit Crunch" or we just like to say that word out loud. My opinion is that we can say thanks to media for the popularity of the "NEW" popular word.

But as it came it will go away and then everyone will say I knew that it will lass for one year (or two years) ... I think that important is that we all have to have in mind that it will be over soon and the market will prosper more and quicker than the time before the "NEW" word. Also it would help that media wouldn´t talk about that "NEW" word as much as they do. But because of ther rating I don´t think that will happen.

So as Real Estate Investor you shoud think of taking advantages of that "NEW" word wich everyone talks about. Every good Investor knows that the low Real Estate prices are big opportunity for making a good profit. So it is to you if you decide to go with the crowd or you do what you know the best and inwest in the right time.

Robert T. Kiyosaki: "Best Investment can be done in the time of recession ! "

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