Friday, 13 February 2009

Croatia investment opportunity for You

Sunday Times: "Croatia rediscovered"

... Better sailing than Turkey, islands to rival those of Greece, and a cuisine to match Italy's: it's the hot spot that came in from the cold. Ask anyone: Croatia is the hottest destination in the Med this summer. The Dalmatian coast, they will tell you, with its closehauled constellation of 1,000 islands, is the "new Riviera"; while the Istrian peninsula, with its Italian looks and flavours, is "the new Tuscany".

... In the 1980s, half a million of us came here to play and almost universally loved it, but during the civil war, we shifted to Spain, Greece and Turkey‐ even though most of Croatia was never touched by the conflict. Well, we are finally back. The smart set are already there in force. Steven Spielberg, Pierce Brosnan, Andre Agassi, Gywneth Paltrow and Sean Connery are all among the celebrity names to appear in the hotel visitor books. Some like to country so much they bought a piece: Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood and Sharon Stone are each rumoured to be buying their own private island. The Istrian peninsula‐ as you'd guess from looking at a map, the Italian influence is strong in this northern corner of the country.

The area was ruled from Venice for 400 years and its influence is stamped on the local architecture‐in the spectacular walled towns, many bear the imprint of the Venetian lion…

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Croatia will soon join the European Union and its market is not only of greater interest to local but also to foreign real estate investors. Real property prices have already begun to increase with the negotiations on Croatia's accession to the European Union and will further increase when Croatia becomes a member of the EU (year 2011).

Croatia, Istra, Rovinj

Growth of prices of luxury villas on the Croatian coastline (56,2% in 5 years).

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