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Slovenia Property Investment – One of Top 10 World Property Investment Countries

Posted: Apr 29th, 2007, by Sacha Tarkovsky.

Slovenia property investment may not be as popular as many other well known property investment locations, but savvy investors are buying and making great capital gains, in one of the top markets for capital growth in the world.
With prices starting at just $50,000 and capital growth in excess of 30% per annum combined with the potential for significant rental income, it no wonder more investors than ever are looking at Slovenia property investment.

Capital growth potential

Investors in Slovenian property are currently enjoying capital gains of up to 30% per annum and this growth looks set to continue.
In the next decade capital growth was forecast at 278% by property specialist program “A place in the Sun” which has increased interest from property investors around the world.

Why Slovenia is hot

Since attaining independence from Yugoslavia and joining the EU, Slovenia has seen strong economic growth.
Tourism has been the fastest-growing sector of the economy and this has enabled it to produce the highest GDP of the new EU members.
Slovenia has become popular due to its variety of scenery; good infrastructure and a variety of airlines now offer cheap, frequent flights - making it easy and inexpensive to get to.

Natural Beauty

Slovenia is located between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia and while a small country, it is beautiful and has something for everyone.

Luxury Villa in nature near Ptuj and Rogaska Slatina (Podravje - Slovenia).

Slovenia features forests, vineyards, snow capped mountains, a beautiful stretch of Mediterranean coastline and some great baroque architecture.
Slovenia has a beautiful capital – Ljubljana.
The city has been described as a smaller and less crowed Prague and comes with stunning architecture.

A booming economy

Slovenia’s accession to the EU saw big changes in the economy, as Slovenia opened its doors to overseas property buyers. Strong growth in GDP has been mirrored by growth in Slovenian property prices. The capital Ljubljana offers the best returns on investment, with prices predicted to continue rising by around 30% per annum for many years to come. The limited supply of housing and restrictions on land development are the main driving forces behind this growth. The economic expansion in the capital which will see rentals soar – giving “buy to let” investors significant income, as well as capital growth potential.
Primorska on the Adriatic coast and the mountain district of Gorenjska are the next most expensive places to buy in Slovenia.
If you are interested in Slovenian property and cant afford these areas there are plenty more to choose from, as this is a market in its early stages of development and offers better risk to reward than the more mature markets that surround it.
Slovenia has a wide range of property investments to suit all tastes and budgets.
Property for sale in Slovenia with good capital growth potential can be bought from under $50,000 in many areas.
You can invest in ski apartments in areas such as the Julian Mountains, or in traditional country houses near the vineyards or finally, in the expanding urban areas.

In Conclusion, Slovenia Offers property investors:

A great opportunity to invest in a stable and growing EU member.
Slovenian property investment offers above average capital growth potential combined with significant rental income from “the buy to let” areas and finally, being an emerging market it’s highly affordable.
In part 2 of this article you will find some of the best new emerging destinations to buy in and also an in-depth look at the buying process.
Discover more about Slovenia and Slovenian property investment and see how it could change your financial future.

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