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Slovenian Thermal Spas and Health Resorts Through Time

Terme Radenci
The secret of well being was discovered long ago at Slovenia's thermal and mineral springs. Archaeological excavations from the Roman period bear witness to the rich history of thermal baths in Slovenia, written documents about our thermal waters date back to 1147, and the healing qualities of our mineral water have been appreciated throughout Europe for more than four centuries.

First discovered by local people, the beneficial effects of the healing springs gave rise to new methods of treatment, and in recent decades new health resorts have developed at Slovenia's springs.

At the intersection of roads leading from north to south and west to east, Slovenia has always been part of the culture of the Old Continent. In the period when Central European health spas flourished, health centers developed in Slovenia that today represent the foundations of our health resort tourism. At the same time, due to the healing qualities of their natural elements, our health resorts maintain a special status in Slovenia's health care system as well as close ties with the medical profession.

Fifteen Slovenian health spa and tourist centers take pride in their certified status as natural health resorts. The growing reputation of these health resorts over the last few years has encouraged others to study Slovenia's natural assets more intensively and thus contribute to establishing new tourist bathing centers. More:

Unspoiled Nature

The development and recognition of Slovenia's health resorts was encouraged by the wealth of natural assets in our country. The most important are thermal waters of various qualities and temperature (from 32°C to 73°C) and mineral waters such as the world famous Radenska Three Hearts and Donat Mg followed by sea water and brine, organic and inorganic peloids, and finally the Mediterranean, Pannonian, and sub-alpine mountain micro-climates.
The wealth of Slovenia lies in its diversity.

Vineyards reign on the hills of the sub-alpine world. Below the surface of the karst region are fascinating limestone caves. The alpine world is interlaced with river canyons and adorned by waterfalls and glacier lakes. On one side, the Alps descend into the green Pannonian plains and on the other toward the blue Adriatic Sea.

In this green oasis of Europe, there is an abundance of the most varied cultural sites ranging from Roman remains to medieval castles, and ancient monasteries. The folk tradition remains extremely vigorous, reflected in the preservation of ancient crafts, customs, and typical regional cuisine.

At Slovenia's health resorts, knowledge, experience, the natural surroundings, and the character of the country are interwoven with the friendliness of the hosts. In this harmonious mosaic of health and well being, everyone finds what they truly desire and need.

Springs of Life and Vitality

Because the modern lifestyle has brought many previously unknown problems, Slovenian health resorts applying natural healing measures have developed various new methods of treatment and new programs for the prevention of diseases that take fully into consideration modern scientific research in various fields of medicine.

Some years ago, our Western culture accepted the concept of the close link between the body and the mind. Therefore, our health resorts offer not only balneotherapy and physiotherapy services but also other kinds of modern therapies based on education and learning.

Far from the city noise and the ever faster pace of modern life, we can discover the secrets of unspoiled nature and devote time to ourselves in Slovenia's health resorts and thermal spa centers. Here, we can spend pleasant family holidays, do something for ourselves, for our body and spirit, and improve our physical and mental condition. This is made possible by well equipped health and recreation centers where we can swim, jog, stroll, exercise on various equipment and playing fields, play golf and tennis, bowl, ride horses, ski, enjoy mountain-biking, and at the same time learn to live in a more healthy way.
And because an exercised and active body also enjoys exercising the spirit, our health resorts organize social, cultural, and folklore events and provide plenty of opportunities for excursions.



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