Tuesday, 19 July 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Abramovich’s Eclipse Available for Charter at $2 Million / Week

Barely six months after he finally took delivery of the Eclipse, the world’s largest private yacht, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is offering it up for charter at a rate of $2 million per week, we can exclusively reveal. The 538-ft. Blohm + Voss behemoth is available via ultra-exclusive brokerage SuperYachtsMonaco, and is the world’s most expensive yacht charter by far. While Abramovich is understandably publicity shy and security conscious when it comes to the gigayacht, it’s doubtful even one of Rupert Murdoch’s media nasties would have the wherewithal to shell out two million bucks for a chance to penetrate his floating palace.

The yacht, which has space for 30 guests and 75 crew, reportedly features a military-grade missile defense system, armor plating, bulletproof windows, three helipads, two swimming pools and a wellness center, among other luxe amenities. As we reported back in February, thanks to some clever negotiating Abramovich only paid about $485 million for the yacht even though it cost close to $800 million to build. Of course it’s costing him an estimated $50 million a year just to keep the damn thing running, and each fuel fill-up runs a cool $650,000, so it’s no surprise that he’s renting it out. Even an oligarch needs to defray expenses; he’s also offering his enormous explorer yacht Luna for charter through SYM as well.

July 18, 2011
By Jared Paul Stern

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