Sunday, 31 July 2011

Where to find $320 million worth of farm

Whenever we cover real estate that has shown up on James, it’s usually some spectacular architectual exercise or a building with heavy historical connotations, like the Upper Eastside Manhattan townhouse that Eleanor Roosevelt spent her days as a widow in. For now, we’re settling with something far more discreet, if you will.

This property in Brazil’s South Western Mato Grosso region doesn’t really have much in the way of buildings. Apart from a slaughter house, a few sheds, five corrals, two airstrips and a governance building, there’s not a whole lot going on. Why are we telling you? Well, here the sticky: it’s friggin’ huge – over 312 square miles, roughly the size of the Netherlands Antilles or, if it helps, 1800 times the size of the Vatican City. Sotheby’s claiming you could squeeze around 50,000 cows in there, too.

The price? I think it might be a record – you’re looking at $320 million.

By Love Blomquist

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