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Best Slovenia Property - For Investment and Pleasure

Elite property Slovenia or. Investment Property Slovenia

If you are looking for the best property to invest in for capital gains or pleasure, Slovenia has much to offer. In this article we look at the advantages of buying property in Slovenia...

Slovenia is a small country (about the size of Switzerland) and has borders with Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. The country is one of the newest members of the European Economic Union and is strategically placed at the very heart of Europe. The country has a well trained workforce and one of the best performing economies of the new member states. The country has a young dynamic workforce, good infrastructure and with the arrival of cheap budget airlines, more people are visiting than ever before, as the tourism industry expands.

The country has numerous attractions including:

Soaring mountain ranges, rolling hills, beautiful alpine valleys, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes, historic and cosmopolitan towns and a beautiful stretch of unspoilt coastline. Many people buy skiing property, as it's more competitive in price than its nearby neighbours of Austria and Italy. An additional advantage is you can ski in all three countries on just one pass. There is much more to Slovenia, than just skiing though and there are many other properties to buy in diverse areas.

Property prices in the Ljubljana the capital have good long term growth prospects, as more people discover this delightful city which has been described as a less crowded and more intimate version of Prague. The second city of Maribor is also popular and the little known sea port of Piran, which lies just across the Adriatic from Venice, is a overseas buyers favourite.

For those wanting other outdoor pursuits other than skiing, Slovenia and popular places to buy include near the picturesque lakes of Bled and Bohinj and in the Soca valley. Whatever type of property you want, Slovenia can offer you a variety of real estate, from property in lively and historic towns, to get it away from it all retreats in unspoilt countryside.

There are many Slovenian estate agents which specialize in helping overseas buyers. These estate agents can help you find the property which is just right for you, in terms of budget and investment aims. With finance options available and a law which protects both buyers and sellers, Slovenia will continue to see overseas buyers come to and buy property in Slovenia.

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