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Slovenia Property - Where To Buy Real Estate In Slovenia?

Property in Slovenia - the best real estate buy in Slovenia ..

Perhaps you know it, but here it is again: Slovenia has been recently named one of the top ten destinations for property investment in the world. British Channel 4 has predicted more than 280% rise in property worth over the next ten years! It has never been better time to invest in Slovenian real estate than is now.

Even before deciding to buy property in Slovenia one needs to consider many things. First, one has to be clear why one wants to buy a property in Slovenia. It of course makes a difference whether it is a matter of pure investment or a one has a plan to live there anytime in the future. When deciding where to buy these considerations are naturally the most important.

So after you are clear on that, you can start considering different regions or towns in Slovenia and compare the situation with your needs. The capital Ljubljana is for most investors the most obvious place to buy property. This is because of the great investment potential which the city offers, although the prices are the highest there (be sure to compare the prices on the pages of real estate agents of course). Some investors are already taking advantage of growth rates of 30% and more per annum. Ljubljana real estate is in high demand which exceeds the limited supply. Moreover, rents in Ljubljana are also highest in the country.

After the capital, the coastal region of Primorska and the mountain district of Gorenjska are the next most expensive places to buy real estate in Slovenia. Both include some of the most visited tourist destinations (e.g. Bled and Bohinj in Gorenjska and Portoroz and Piran on the seacoast) which offer an opportunity of a solid rental income. Another good thing is that both regions are within an hour drive from Ljubljana.

But climatically, culturally and otherwise, these two are indeed quite different places. Gorenjska is snowy and usually very cold through the winter, full of favorite Slovenian ski destinations. The coast, on the other hand, is a typical Mediterranean area with almost no snow and of course a natural choice for summer holidays for many. People of Gorenjska are regarded to be a bit more closed to themselves, whereas people from the Coast are open (to make it oversimplified, but you get a feeling of this when you experience people there in an everyday life).

There are quite different and less busy parts of Slovenia on the eastern and south-eastern side of Ljubljana, in the regions like Stajerska, Pomurje, Dolenjska and Notranjska. The prices of real estate in these regions are lower, sometimes considerably. On the other hand, apart from the cities like Maribor or Celje (2nd and 3rd largest after Ljubljana), these regions do not have so high rent prices and also the demand (for renting at least) is not as great as in and near Ljubljana. Yet, buying a home in one of these areas has several other advantages than just a lower price. Tempo of living is not at such a stressful level as in Ljubljana, tourism is much lower (if present at all) and people are frequently described as more friendly in these regions (although Slovenians are highly friendly in general).

A decision on where to buy property in Slovenia has to be governed by the clear picture of what you actually want. So dependant on your preferences you really have several options.

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