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Slovenia real estate investment

How to invest in Slovenia Real-estate

Companies established or purchased by foreign nationals in Slovenia have the same property
rights as companies established by domestic persons (the principle of national treatment).
That is why they may own real estate without limitation.

The following regimes apply to natural persons:
The EU: Since Slovenia’s accession to the European Union, EU citizens may freely and
unconditionally invest in and acquire real estate in the territory of Slovenia.
EEA: Pursuant to the Agreement on the European Economic Area the same regime applies to
Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The USA: Pursuant to the succeeded Treaty on Trade and Navigation concluded by Serbia
and the USA in 1881, which grants the most-favoured-nation status to US citizens, they may
acquire real estate in Slovenia on the same conditions as EU citizens.
Switzerland: Pursuant to the Protocol concluded between Switzerland and the EU in 2006
Swiss citizens may acquire real estate in Slovenia if they have the right to a permanent
residence in Slovenia or if they have the right to live in Slovenia without having a permanent
residence and need the property for business purposes (including touristic accommodation

EU candidate states: Pursuant to the Act governing the conditions for acquiring title to
property by natural persons and legal entities of European Union candidate countries, the
citizens of these countries may acquire real estate in Slovenia on the principle of reciprocity.
Other countries: citizens from other countries (and the branches of companies from other
countries) may purchase and acquire real estate in Slovenia on the terms defined by a relevant
lex specialis, or by ratified and gazetted international agreements. Third country residents
may only own real estate if they have both inherited it and if the reciprocity principle is

There are no restrictions on the leasing of real estate by foreign nationals. Leasehold may be
acquired for up to 99 years.

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