Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Property Investment In Slovenia A Popular Choice

In Slovenia the sun shines about 2000 hours a year. Although a tiny country, it boasts three separate climates. From the coast with its mild Mediterranean temperatures to the snow-covered Alpine mountains to the rest of the country’s continental weather, there is something to please everyone. It is a land of unspoiled beauty with friendly, helpful people and one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Access to and from Slovenia is very easy with four airports in the country or nearby. All of which make it a good idea to consider property investment in Slovenia.

Investors are drawn to this country where capital growth is predicted to be around 300% within the next few years. Properties are very affordable and many are available for around £49,000 in relatively undiscovered areas. Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, a lively and beautiful city with baroque architecture and an exciting cosmopolitan atmosphere has become very popular with those who buy investment property for rental income.

Easy Transaction Process

An easy buying process also helps investors as both sellers and buyers are protected by the Central Land Registry which holds the transaction details. Another incentive is that financing from local lenders is available. Any property purchased at present is almost guaranteed to increase in price in Slovenia’s robust economy due in part to the government’s policies.

Investors realize the already great income potential is enhanced by the tourism industry, which the government actively promotes. Travel to and from Slovenia saw a great increase when the budget airlines arrived and began to offer low cost flights. The country is a great base from which to explore the many attractions in close proximity as the borders of Hungary, Austria and Croatia are around the corner.

Reasons to Invest

During the past decade it has been a trend to buy property abroad and there are many reasons for this. Some people buy homes strictly for renting to residents who need housing, while others take advantage of the tourism and rent by the week or month. Investors may use the property themselves for part of the year as a holiday or vacation home.

Another popular reason to buy property in a lovely and safe place is for retirement purposes. Investors can purchase while prices are low and market value is expected to increase and rent the property to tourists or residents until they are ready to retire. Depending on when it is acquired, a retirement home may be completely paid for and allow the investor to live in comfort and security.

Whether for rental income, a vacation or retirement home or buying low to resell later for gain, property investment in Slovenia just makes good sense. It is important to act now while properties are available and prices are low.

By Raz Schultz / Freelance author, copywriter

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